Ways To Stop Sugar Cravings

If you feel like eating sugar or sweets at any hour of the day and you have no idea what to do about your cravings, then here are a few effective ways that may be able to help you out. Learn to replace unhealthy sugar and sweets with natural foods and minimize your daily sugar intake.

Eat More Fruits

While you may be drooling over a vanilla ice cream or some dark chocolate, you probably don’t know that you can totally replace these sweets with fruits. There are many juicy and tasty fruits you can eat throughout the day that could help you stop your cravings for sugar. Peaches, oranges or apples are all healthy fruits that won’t just taste sweet, but they will also supply your body with much needed vitamins, antioxidants and fibers. Why they do contain sugars, they are a much better alternative to the processed version we find in sweets

Try Some Sweet Vegetables

You may not think of vegetables as being sweet, but eating things such as sweet potatoes, carrots or beets could minimize your sugar cravings. It has also been shown that consuming carrots will increase your blood sugar a lot faster in addition to lasting longer which will supply your body with the sugar it needs and make that strong craving go away. And just as with fruits, vegetables are high in fibers so you will also be able to eat less.

Consume Sour or Spicy Foods

At times, you can try to cut your cravings by eating sour or spicy foods. Some chilly in your food might make you crave for water more than for sweets. You may also want to try drinking water with lemon, which might also eliminate the need to consumer sugar.

Careful About Overeating Animal Products

One of the causes of craving for sugar might also be the fact that you are eating too many animal products. If you consume too much red meat or dairy products, your body may be unable to metabolize proteins properly and you might feel the need to eat sweets. Try replacing a few of these with fruits and vegetables and you will immediately see the effects.

Chew Your Food

Another way that could allow you to refrain from eating all the sugar and sweets you can see is to chew your food slower. Not only will your body correctly assess when you are full, but you will also start processing carbohydrates faster and feel the need for sugar less often. Chewing food for a longer period of time while also enhance their flavor and sweetness which might also help you cut down on sugar.

Exercise More

It has been shown that some sugar cravings appear when the body is in an acidic condition. You could prevent these sugar cravings by exercising more to get your body in a more alkaline condition. In addition to feeling less need to eat sugar, you will also be fit and feel better while also burning extra calories.

If you are plagued by uncontrollable sugar cravings, you should try out these tips. Eat healthier and exercise more, and soon enough your sugar craving will go away by itself.

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