Motivated to Lose Weight

How to Get Motivated to Lose Weight

If you want to lose weight but you do not seem to be able to keep a diet for more than a few days, here are a few tips that may help you find the motivation you lack:

motivated to lose weight

1. Set a realistic goal for your immediate future. If you want to look like Naomi Campbell but you weigh 30 or 40 pounds more, it will be impossible to get to her figure in a week or a month. Even if it were possible, it would certainly not be beneficial for your body and for your health. Do not start your diet hoping to achieve miracles.

Weight loss requires patience and discipline. So, set more accessible targets such as losing 2 or 3 pounds a week for a month in a row. Once you build a routine, things will become much easier.

2. Join a sports class, take dancing lessons or become a member of a sports club. This way, you will not have to exercise by yourself. You will have many other people around you, fighting the same problems, and you will have time. Thus, instead of seeing your workout sessions as a chore, you will see them as a form of relief or entertainment and look forward to them.

3. Find a diet partner. Convince one of your friends to start a weight loss program with you. It is easier to stick to a diet or cope with a tough workout routine when you have a “partner in misery”. This way, you and your friend can help each other stay motivated.

4. Find an old picture of you looking slim and hang it somewhere visible. This way, you will always be able to keep your eyes on the target. Also, if you have some old outfits that you do not fit into anymore, take one of them out of the closet and hang it on the bedroom door. Promise to leave it there until you become slim enough to wear it.

5. Take pictures of your body changing. Photograph yourself every week and compare the images to see the results of your efforts. After two or three weeks, you will realize that there is a big difference between then (at the beginning of the diet) and now. Keep these pictures and look at them every time you start losing your motivation. They will remind you of the efforts made so far and they will make it difficult for you to sabotage your diet.

6. Read blogs, books and websites with success stories. Many people manage to lose countless pounds and to change their lives completely after a diet. Read their stories to see how they did it. Their efforts will definitely inspire you and they will help you believe that it is possible for you to have an amazing figure as well.

7. Think positive! Do not let frustration get the best of you! It is always easy to get frustrated when you are trying to lose weight. It never goes as fast as you want it. However, do not lose your faith and do not give up on your diet. The results will show up eventually if you are patient and persevering enough. Positive thinking may also help.

8. Find professional help. If none of these methods work for you, it is time to seek professional help. Get a sports trainer to tell you exactly what type of exercises you should do and when. Also, try to find a nutritionist, to help you keep a healthy balanced diet. And if all these efforts become overwhelming sometimes, you should also talk to a therapist to take care of your mental balance.

A solution to get all of these and not pay a fortune would be a complete weight loss program, but you need to choose it carefully, because not all of them live up to their promises.

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