7 Appetite Suppressant Foods

7 Appetite Suppressant Foods That Will Help You Shed Extra Pounds

So you made an effort and got yourself on the treadmill, into yoga, jogging or aerobics pants, and on your way to a small waist and a thigh gap. Congratulations! You may have done the hardest part. Now it is time to get on a diet as well and see those pounds slide away.  

But do you know what would help you speed things along? Seeing positive results! Nothing works as a better incentive than seeing that the effort you put into doing something is actually paying off. This means that you should keep doing what you are doing and step it up a bit by adding to your diet foods that will keep you from overeating. Here are some useful pointers in that direction:

1. Nuts. Almonds, macadamia nuts, pecan nuts, Brazilian nuts, peanuts, all help you suppress that urge to gorge down on a piece of cake or some ice cream in between meals. Just a handful of them though, because they are rather oily and can add to your problem if you go overboard with them.

2. Avocado. This is a natural appetite suppressant which is full of fiber and fats which tell the stomach to tell the brain that it has had enough.

3. Apples. They keep your stomach busy for a while and are rich in fibers. This is one of the slowest digestible foods a person can eat. They also boost your energy levels which is great for your workouts.

4. Eggs. Many people make the mistake of including breakfast in the list of meals which must be cut down, but this is completely wrong. Of all the meals of the day, breakfast is the one you consume in its entirety. It is the rest of the meals that present a problem. This having been said, one or two eggs in the morning, cooked however you like, can give you a protein supply you badly need and can keep you feeling full right up to lunch time.

5. Soups. Replace the bad habit of making dinner the most expected meal of the day and pushing most of your favorite foods to savor at the end of the work hours. Have a soup in the evening instead of meat and vegetables or a carb-rich meal. A light vegetable soup will be light enough to help the body rest at night, plus it will make you feel full a lot faster.

6. Green tea. This is the number one enemy of the munchies. It regulates blood sugar, keeping the appetite under control.

7. Fish. Light on your body but rich in good fats which your body desperately needs to wash down all of the industrial processed fat we keep feeding it.

A Few Extra Tips

Add cinnamon as a spice in your foods, as it lowers blood sugar and has the same effect as green tea. Sprinkle some on whatever you can, and enjoy the effects. Also, eat a salad before your meal. Your stomach will start secreting acid before the “real food” gets in and it will help it get digested sooner and better. You can season it with a little red wine vinegar, as it helps keep food in your stomach for a longer period of time, extending the feeling of fullness.

There are a lot of handy solutions for those looking for a way to keep their appetite under control and to put their eating habits in order. In a way, we should be the ones controlling what we eat instead of being slaves to cravings and whims which only end up costing us. They cost us our looks and our health and it is not worth it.

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